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What's The Meaning Behind The Kosher Law?

meaning soul Feb 27, 2019

In addition to the laws, Jewish tradition provides many insights into the mitzvah of kosher. We hope that by sharing these insights, you will gain a greater understanding and motivation to keep the mitzvoth of the Torah in the face of opposing values from contemporary culture.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that the Torah’s commandments are of Divine origin and can never be fully comprehended by human intellect. We keep the mitzvoth because they are G-d’s gift to the Jewish people.

 The Spirit of Kosher

Religion is popularly portrayed as dealing with prayer, meditation, charity, ethics and sometimes various forms of self-denial. These understandings view the soul as purely spiritual and the body as completely physical. The former is concerned with mission and meaning; the latter with survival and pleasure.

Judaism, however, specifically encompasses every aspect of life. The Torah tells us not to reject the physical but rather to sanctify it. When we follow...

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