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The Chief Rabbinate of Cyprus was founded in 2003.  it became fully recognized by the government by the year 2005.

The Cyprus Kosher organization had started operating in Cyprus under the Chief Rabbinate in the year 2007. starting by certifying a local wine factory, the organization had advanced by serving other local manufacturers as well as companies abroad. fresh diary products, meat and poultry as well as dry products such as salt, tahini and olive oil were added to the kosher certified products list and had a great success breaking into new markets globally. 

Our organization consists on a full team of certified rabbis that are experienced with the different regulations and requirements of certifying food factories and manufactures. as more and more companies in the world have  become kosher certified we have expanded our team and are here to serve and help the Cypriot food industry grow and stand out in the global market with high quality, kosher products. 

we believe in innovation and staying on top of the game. we always make sure we adapt ourselves to new advancements in the market and in the world. we also believe in empathy and are always open to hear our customers needs and give them a proper solution. if that sounds to you like an organization you'd want to work with, than take action and apply for a kosher certificate now. the information you need is already there, you just need to click the button.   


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